Seminar July 26, 2007

HSA Landmines: Solving Tricky Education Problems Before Open Enrollment Begins

Event Detail
John R. Hickman
July 26, 2007

John Hickman spoke during this teleconference titled "HSA Landmines: Solving Tricky Education Problems Before Open Enrollment Begins" on Thursday, July 26, 1:00pm - 2:30pm.

With the fall open-enrollment season just a few months away, employers and health plans hoping to sell health savings accounts (HSAs) must focus on one important lesson from the past: To succeed, they better be able to answer the complex questions that employers and employees routinely have about HSAs. More employers than ever are expected to offer HSA-based plans to their employees this fall. But in the three years since the Medicare reform law gave birth to HSAs, health insurers, benefits consultants, brokers and financial firms have done a dismal job of explaining how the plans work, and these failures have had a direct negative impact on enrollment. Learn which employer/employee questions are posed most often and are causing the most confusion...and how they should be answered.

Thursday, July 26

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