November 15, 2007

B21 Human Resources Audio Conference

Event Detail
Ashley Gillihan
November 15, 2007

Ashley Gillihan presented "How to Comply with New Cafeteria Plan and Dependent Care Benefit Regulations" at this audio conference sponsored by Business 21 Publishing.  He discussed the ins and outs of the new proposed cafeteria plan regulations.  In addition, Ashley's presentation included the following points.

  • What has changed and what has remained the same?
  • What is the new, “optional 30-day election period for new employees”? For “rehired employees”?
  • Is self-certification good enough to meet the claims substantiation requirements?
  • What is the new safe harbor test for premium-only-plans (POP)?
  • When can an employee pre-pay health care premiums under a Cafeteria Plan?
  • Can an employee pay his or her COBRA premiums through the cafeteria plan?
  • What about the use of severance agreements to pay COBRA through the cafeteria plan?
  • What is a “short plan year” and is it still allowed?
  • Who determines the plan year “run-out” period?
  • How is income imputed for excess life insurance?
  • Are individual accident & health insurance premiums allowed to be pre-taxed through the cafeteria plan?
  • How two-year election periods are handled?
  • What are the documentation requirements?
  • When must you comply with the new requirements?

November 15, 2007

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Senior Communications Manager
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