Seminar September 17-18, 2008

Distressed Debt Investing and Risk Management: Navigating the Post-Subprime World

Event Detail
John P. Doherty
September 17-18, 2008
Las Vegas, NV

Jonn Doherty moderated the panel "Distressed Debt Litigation: Causes, Concerns, Risks and Prevention" on September 18, 9:45am - 10:30am.   The discussion included the following topics.

• Investigating claims stemming from subprime CDO and other transactions
• Understanding a company's exposure to subprime litigation
• How investor litigation creates accountability and responsibility

With volatility comes opportunity.  The subprime mortgage meltdown is providing such opportunities, as can be seen in the proliferation of distressed asset funds.  The market also has the opportunity to initiate change.  The business community can become stronger if fundamental change in its risk management processes occurs.  Capitalizing on these post-subprime opportunities - both in identifying promising distressed plays and identifying a new risk management paradigm that will strengthen the market against future shocks - is the focal point of IMN’s Distressed Debt Investing & Risk Management: Navigating the Post-Subprime World.

September 17-18, 2008
Four Seasons Hotel / Las Vegas, NV


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