Seminar October 27-28, 2008

2nd Annual Defense Counsel Summit

Event Detail
Cari K. Dawson
October 27-28, 2008
Scottsdale, AZ
Cari Dawson was a featured speaker on the  "Utilizing Defenses in Major Substantive Areas Subject to Active Class Action Litigation" panel on Tuesday, October 28, 2:55pm-4:25pm, at this conference hosted by American Conference Institutes (ACI).  This panel discussion addressed the current drivers behind increased class actions in certain industries, specific litigation issues that arise in areas experiencing a significant number of class actions, and effectively using powerful substantive defenses.
The 2nd Annual Defense Counsel Summit faculty guided attendees through every step of mounting a zealous defense, including tactics for early discovery, Daubert  challenges, defenses against class certification and arguing the case at trial.  Attendees at this conference received strategies on how to:
  • Show that your adversary has not met proof burdens on "reliance" issue
  • Counter voluminous discovery requests and use the discover process to obtain all relevant information and documents while still keeping it cost-effective for your client
  • Mitigate the prejudice of plaintiff counsel's improper use of expert testimony at the class certification state
  • Examine clauses that place your clients in the best (and worst) position to submit disputes to class arbitration
  • Position your case in a way that ensures you can elect to negotiate a reasonable settlement before exorbitant fees are incurred
  • Forego settlement and take the case to trial and favorable verdict
In addition, a special "View From the Bench" session led by renowned jurists with extensive experience in claims actions gave attendees a rare insider look at the evidence and arguments that turn cases one way or the other as they make critical determinations on crucial matters such as class certifications.
October 28-29, 2008
FireSky Resort & Spa / Scottsdale, AZ
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Senior Communications Manager
Phone: 212.210.1222
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