Seminar October 28-30, 2008

The Corporate IP Institute

Event Detail
David S. Teske
October 28-30, 2008
Atlanta, GA

David Teske moderated the panel "Mock IP Licensing: Working Through Negotiations and Ethical Dilemmas" on October 28, 10:45am - 11:45am, during this program sponsored by Georgia State University.  Following is the hypothetical discussed by the panel.

Diversified Monolith, Inc. (DMI) is a large multinational company involved in many business lines with a  significant commitment to R&D.  Many times, this foundational R&D leads to proprietary concepts and inventions that DMI chooses not to commercialize.  DMI makes the decision to license these non-core concepts and inventions to realize the value in its "on the shelf" IP.  Micro Swift, Inc. (MS) is a small technology based company that has approached DMI to license certain patented and unpatented technology. 

This panel worked through the negotiations between DMI and MS.  What was each party seeking?  What were the deal-breakers?  What payments and royalties were reasonable?

October 28-30, 2008
Georgia State University Student Center / Atlanta, GA


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