Seminar October 27-28, 2011

ACI's 12 National Conference on Consumer Finance Class Actions & Litigation

Event Detail
Frank A. Hirsch, Jr.
October 27-28, 2011
Orlando, FL

Frank Hirsch was a featured panelist during the session, "Class Action Developments: What Recent Cases and Pending Policy Changes Mean for Your Litigation, Investigation and Settlement Strategies," at this conference sponsored by American Conference Institute (ACI).  The following topics were covered during the presentation.

    • Cutting Edge Jurisdictional and CAFA Removal Strategies 
      • How to apply recent trends in CAFA jurisprudence 
      • Strategic forum and venue considerations 
      • Should you remove and when?
    • Removal of class action counterclaims
      • Removal of State Attorney General regulatory suits 
      • Tactical approaches for responding to remand motions
      • Managing discovery related to CAFA’s jurisdictional amount
    • Smart Strategies for Dispositive Motions 
      • Applying the new federal pleading standards in motions to dismiss 
      • Evaluating the viability of class claims on the merits 
      • Fight or settle-which is best, and when? 
      • Limiting class discovery when moving for dismissal
    • Managing New and Emerging Theories in Class Actions, Class Action Discovery and Settlement Tactics 
      • What litigation will the investigation of “for-profit” colleges and law schools lead to? Will lenders be pulled in?
      • Class certification: 
        • What to do when a judge won’t allow discovery regarding specific allegations upon which the claim is based (i.e. requiring the defendant to rely solely on what is alleged in the notice pleading) 
        • Does a bar on further discovery help your argument that a class should not be certified or hamper efforts to defeat class certifi cation? 
        • Defeating class certification early in the litigation
    • Dealing with Opt-Out Litigation and Pro Se Defendants 
      • Special considerations in dealing with opt out cases 
      • Defending against pro se "form pleadings" from the Internet


October 27-28, 2011
Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress / Orlando, FL

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Senior Communications Manager
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