Seminar June 4-5, 2013

Summit on Advertising Privacy Compliance: Mobile Apps, Smart Phones & the World Wide Web

Event Detail
June 4-5, 2013
New York, NY

Dominque Shelton was a featured speaker during the session "Minimizing the 'Creep Factor': Establishing Parameters for Behavioral Advertising and Geo Locating in Order to Enhance the Consumer Experience While Minimizing Privacy Concerns" at this conference sponsored by the American Conference Institute (ACI).  The following topics were covered during the presentation.

    • Ensuring that your privacy policy is clearly spelled out and that you are living up to the stipulations of the policy
    • Collecting, protecting and disclosing terms and conditions in a way that won’t turn off consumers
    • Reconciling a consumer’s desire for privacy with the sometimes conflicting desire to be active in the digital sphere
      • Asking consumers if you can use their location
    • Articulating clearly to consumers what data will be used, what it will be used for and who it may be shared with
      • Avoiding over-collection
    • Ensuring that consumers have clear methods of “opting out” of advertising materials
      • Simplifying privacy controls
      • Assuaging consumer concerns and perceptions on data collection
    • Utilizing location data in order to push out relevant advertisements and recommendations to consumers
    • Mitigating Internet abuse through the use of email, pop-ups, super cookies, spam and spyware
    • Regulating online profiling and targeting capabilities
    • Analyzing second tier privacy concerns when posted pictures and videos include people who did not consent to the posting
    • Developing best practices for the commercial collection and use of personal information
    • Contracting with third-party service providers who will collect data
      • Negotiating contract provisions that reflect industry standards
      • Drafting warranties to ensure consumer information is protected
    • Updating a website’s privacy policy to include display advertising and retargeting limiting the “stalker factor” of the brand
    • Utilizing IP addresses to create a direct link between individuals and their online activities
    • Providing consumers with adequate notice in the event of a data breach
    • Destroying personally identifiable information as soon as practical

June 4-5, 2013
The Carlton Hotel / New York, NY

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