In the News March 29, 2014

Kim Peretti Quoted in FCW: The Business of Federal Technology

Kim Peretti, co-chair of the firm’s Security Incident Management & Response Team, was quoted in an FCW: The Business of Federal Technology article titled “McConnell: Laws and Policies ‘Have Not Kept Pace’ with Cyber Threats.”

The article discusses potential U.S. comprehensive legislation and international agreements for securing Internet commerce and trade, as well as a push for the increased sharing of potential cyber threats between businesses and the government—and among businesses themselves.

According to the article, current laws and policies have not kept pace with constantly progressing technology and the resulting cyber threats.

Peretti said that people in the information community are not using defensive tactics that they had previously used because of the murkiness of law regulating cyber activity.

“[The information service community] is very unclear what they can do, what they can’t do,” Peretti said.

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