In the News March 26, 2014

Ted Kang Quoted in The Washington Post

Ted Kang, partner in the firm’s Government & Internal Investigations Group, was quoted in The Washington Post in an article discussing the Department of Justice’s criminal bribery and conspiracy charges against former Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell and his wife for allegedly having accepted gifts and other things of value from a wealthy Richmond-area businessman, and the couple’s recent motion to have their trials separated. According to the motion, having a joint trial would be unfair to the McDonnells, as it would prevent the jury from hearing the testimony of Mrs. McDonnell, which could potentially exculpate the former governor.

According to the article, if the case were severed, which trial proceeds first would be significant. The article noted that if Robert McDonnell’s trial proceeded first and Mrs. McDonnell were to testify, her testimony could be used against her at her subsequent trial. However, according to Kang, if Robert McDonnell were acquitted at the first trial, the Justice Department might face pressure to drop the charges against his wife and not proceed with a subsequent trial against her.

Kang has provided The Washington Post with ongoing expert opinion on the developments in this high-profile case. See his other comments.

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