Alston & Bird's Structured Finance Spectrum | July 2020

STRUCTURED FINANCE SPECTRUM | i ¾ Turbulent Times for Aircraft Finance and the Aviation Industry ¾ Offering Disclosure and Underwriter Due Diligence in the Time of COVID-19 ¾ Coast to Coast: Diversity and Giving Back During COVID-19 ¾ Some Light at the End of the COVID-19 Tunnel for MSR and Servicing Advance Facilities ¾ What’s Poppin’ with the LSTA—LIBOR, COVID-19 and Other Developments ¾ TALF 2.0—Everything You Need to Know to Dazzle and Delight at (Socially Distanced) Cocktail Parties ¾ Doing GoodWhile Making Money: ESG in Finance ¾ The Fed’s Main Street Lending Program—Swing and a Miss? ¾ Over the Rainbow: Landmark Decision for LGBTQ+ Rights ¾ Summer Might Be Canceled, but It’s Time to Take a Vacation from Volcker JULY 2020