Seminar February 19, 2008

"Stoneridge Investment Partners": What Does This Decision Mean for Future Securities Cases?

Event Detail
Susan E. Hurd
February 19, 2008

Susan Hurd was a featured speaker at this program hosted by Andrews Publications.  The Webinar focused on the Supreme Court's decision in Stoneridge Investment partners, LLC v. Scientific Atlanta, Inc. and Motorola, Inc.  On January 15th, the Court ruled in a 5-3 decision that claims against certain non-speaking equipment suppliers were properly dismissed because the investors at issue did not rely on anything these particular defendants said or did nor did these defendants have a duty to speak to the investors.  There has been much speculation in the wake of this decision as to its anticipated effect on the state of securities litigation.  The seminar will explore these issues.  Topics discussed included the following...

  • What are the important take-away messages from Stoneridge and other recent decisions from the Supreme Court?
  • Does "scheme liability" still exist after Stoneridge?
  • What lessons can be drawn from Stoneridge beyond the context of traditional secondary defendants, e.g., lawyers, accountants, and banks?
  • Does Stoneridge raise the bar on pleading securities fraud claims?

February 19, 2008

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