Seminar January 11, 2015

2015 American Farm Bureau Convention

Event Detail
Eileen Scofield
January 11, 2015
San Diego, CA

Eileen Scofield was a featured speaker during this annual convention.  Eileen's session highlighted current trends and guided the audience through the ins-and-outs of a potential ICE/DOJ Special Counsel audit/investigation, a common immigration law concern for agricultural employers. Eileen outlined steps to avoid being targeted, how one is made a target, W&H factors, and steps to take if targeted. She provided an exclusive toolkit to ensure companies' compliance including a sample compliance policy, issue spotting, best practices and self-audit tools.

January 11, 2015
1:15p.m. - 2:15p.m.
San Diego Convention Center / San Diego, CA

Meet The Speakers
Media Contacts
Nicholas Clarke
Senior Communications Manager
Phone: 212.210.1222
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