Seminar January 7-11, 2015

32nd Annual National CLE & SKI Conference

Event Detail

Tom Schendt,John Hickman,Jonathan Rose and Pat DiCarlo participated in this conference hosted by the Law Education Institute.

Tom Schendt served as program co-chair and was a featured speaker during the session, "IRS/DOL Compliance Initiatives: What is Hot!!", January 7, 5:30p.m.- 6:30p.m.

John Hickman was a featured speaker during the session "Private Exchange Arrangements: Separating the Fact from the Fiction," January 9, 4:30p.m.-5:30p.m.

Jonathan Rose was a featured speaker during the session "Mitigating Fiduciary Risk for Oversight of Investment and Plan Administrative Responsibilities," January 9, 7:00a.m.- 8:00a.m.

Pat DiCarlo was a featured speaker during the session "Pension De-Risking: A Strategic Review from the “Inside,” January 9, 4:30p.m. - 5:30p.m.

January 7-11, 2015
Vail Marriott Resort & Spa / Vail, CO

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Nicholas Clarke
Senior Communications Manager
Phone: 212.210.1222
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