Webinar September 28, 2017

Open Enrollment for 2018: Group Health Plan Design and Administration Tripwires to Avoid Amid Changes to Compliance Obligations

Event Detail
September 28, 2017
Steven Mindy was a speaker during this webinar hosted by Business & Legal Resources (BLR).

Many employers are gearing up for the annual open-enrollment process, and several new changes will affect plans beginning on or after January 1, 2018.

Plus, small-to-midsize employers in particular have lots of questions about Affordable Care Act (ACA) limits on out-of-pocket (OOP) maximums for 2018, OOP and deductible maximum limits for 2018’s high deductible health plans (HDHPs), and how best to communicate changes in plan design during open enrollment.

And the questions don’t stop there. If you aren’t careful with ensuring that you’ve included all the applicable notice forms, you could wind up in legal trouble.

Don’t cross your fingers and hope that you’ve met your compliance obligations.

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