Webinar February 6, 2018

Class Action Litigation: Avoiding Legal Ethics Violations and Malpractice Liability

Event Detail
Robert D. Phillips, Jr.
February 6, 2018

Bo Phillips will be speaking during this live, interactive CLE webinar hosted by Strafford.

This CLE webinar will provide plaintiff and defense class action attorneys with guidance on dealing with the legal ethics hurdles and malpractice threats inherent when there are large classes of plaintiffs in a single lawsuit. The program will address intraclass conflicts, communication with class members, and attorneys’ fees.

Class action litigation presents unique ethical challenges and malpractice vulnerabilities due to increased potential for conflicts of interest, rules regarding no contact, solicitation issues, and attorneys’ fees. However, the Model Rules do not specifically address how to resolve these dilemmas.

Courts generally adapt the Model Rules to fit ethical concerns in class action lawsuits, but unsettled and divergent viewpoints among class action plaintiff and defense counsel make applying the standard rules vastly more complicated.

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Alex Wolfe
Communications Director

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