Webinar February 19, 2019

Alive or Dead?: Common Ownership, Coordinated Effects, and Behavioral Remedies

Event Detail
Leslie C. Overton
February 19, 2019

Leslie Overton will be a panelist for this teleconference hosted by the American Bar Association Mergers and Acquisitions Committee. The webinar will explore whether topics are “alive” (hot and on the up) or “dead” (cold and losing momentum):

  • Common Ownership – New theories worry that ownership of multiple competing firms may present antitrust concerns. Is this worry real and growing?
  • Coordinated Effects – The FTC successfully blocked the Tronox/Cristal merger in December 2018 on the basis of a coordinated effects theory. Does this success mark a return of these theories? 
  • Behavioral Remedies – A number of recent closely watched mergers have been cleared with behavioral—rather than structural—remedies, such as the Northrop/Orbital ATK and Lahey–Beth Israel.

For more information or to download the On-Demand replay, click here.

Meet The Speakers
Media Contacts
Nicholas Clarke
Senior Communications Manager
Phone: 212.210.1222
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