Seminar April 8-12, 2019

Certificate in Employee Benefits Law - April 2019

Event Detail
Dominic DeMatties, John R. Hickman, Emily Catherine Hootkins
April 8-12, 2019
Atlanta Marriott Suites Midtown
Atlanta, GA

Dominic DeMatties, Emily Hootkins, and John Hickman were members of the faculty at the Certificate in Employee Benefits Law seminar in Atlanta.

Dominic hosted the session “Retirement Plans.” Topics included an overview of the statutes and regulatory agencies governing retirement plans, fiduciary rules and investing plan assets, nondiscrimination testing for retirement plans, plan administration and distributions, plan audits and IRS and DOL voluntary compliance programs, early retirement incentive programs, and government and nonprofit employers – qualified and nonqualified plans.

Emily hosted the session “Benefit Plan Claims, Appeals, and Litigation Tips and Traps.” Topics included ERISA compliance, litigation advantages, and hot topics.

John hosted the session “Health Care Reform and Other Welfare Benefit Plan Issues.” Topics included
ERISA compliance for health & welfare (H&W) plans: a hands-on discussion for employers and plan administrators, health care reform: a walkthrough of compliance requirements every employer needs to know, HIPAA privacy overview, the H&W plan alphabet, cafeteria plan issues, an introduction to private exchanges and consumer-driven health care, discrimination testing basics, and COBRA.

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Senior Communications Manager
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