October 8, 1999

Alston & Bird Tax Attorneys Author New Edition of Georgia Limited Liability Company Forms and Practice Manual

A Guide to the Law Surrounding The Formation of LLCs and LLPs in Georgia

The advent of the “check-the-box” regulations in the mid-1990s has made it easier than ever before for businesses in Georgia and elsewhere to form limited liability companies (LLCs) and, as the popularity of LLCs increases in the state, an understanding of Georgia law becomes more valuable than ever. In order to raise awareness of the considerations involved in the planning of LLCs and other business forms, such as limited liability partnerships (LLPs) that also help owners limit their liability -- four attorneys in the Federal Income Tax and International Tax Practice Area at the Atlanta-based law firm Alston & Bird LLP -- Pinney Allen, Sam Kaywood, Andy Immerman, and Ben Muraskin, -- have created the Georgia Limited Liability Company Forms and Practice Manual.

The Manual, at approximately 500 pages, is an authoritative text aimed at teaching Georgia lawyers the ins and outs of the state’s LLC and LLP practice, including many rules that have been added or revamped in recent years. The Georgia Limited Liability Company Forms and Practice Manual contains over 150 forms necessary for the creation of limited liability partnerships and companies, with detailed analysis for each. The guide also includes: a) Clear and in-depth explanations of Articles of Organization and Operating Agreements; b)Step-by-step instructions on the drafting of required documents, tailored to a company or partnership’s individual needs; c)A clear and concise source for Georgia statutes with up-to date discussion on key issues; d) Numerous interchangeable alternate provisions, arranged for easy “modular” document creation; and e) A discussion of the pitfalls in Georgia law that must be avoided. To order this most recent edition of the Georgia Limited Liability Company Forms and Practice Manual, Data Trace Publishers can be reached at (800) 342-0454, or via e-mail at info@datatrace.com.

The head of the Federal Income Tax Area at Alston & Bird, Pinney Allen concentrates her practice on business federal income tax, including partnership, real estate, and corporate tax planning and litigation. She is a frequent author and speaker on the topics of corporate, partnership, and real estate income tax problems and has spoken to numerous professional organizations, including the Southern Federal Tax Institute, Atlanta Tax Forum, Georgia Tax Conference, American Bar Association, State Bar of Georgia, and Atlanta Bar Association. Ms. Allen is a Trustee of the Atlanta Tax Forum, a past chair of the Tax Sections of the State Bar of Georgia and the Atlanta Bar Association and is a member of the American Bar Association Tax Section.

Andrew Immerman practices in the areas of Federal Income Tax and International Tax at Alston & Bird. He concentrates on domestic and international tax planning and transactional tax work, including joint ventures, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and multinational corporate operations. He is a member of the American Bar Association’s Section on Taxation, the State Bar of Georgia’s Taxation Law Section, the Atlanta Bar Association’s Taxation Section, and the Atlanta Tax Forum. Mr. Immerman has published articles concerning tax matters in legal journals and has lectured on tax topics, including the August conference, held in Atlanta and entitled “Partnerships, LLCs and LLPs: Organization and Operation in Georgia.”

Sam K. Kaywood, Jr., a partner at Alston & Bird, concentrates on international taxation with a focus on Latin America. Mr. Kaywood lectures frequently on tax planning for operations in Latin America. He is a member of the American Bar Association, Section on Taxation of Foreign Persons (Tax Treaties Committee), the American Tax Institute in Europe, the Atlanta Bar Association, the State Bar of Georgia, the International Bar Association, and the International Fiscal Association. Mr. Kaywood was a certified public accountant prior to becoming a lawyer. Ben E. Muraskin, also a partner at Alston & Bird, concentrates on business federal income tax and litigation issues. He is a member of the State Bar of Florida, District of Columbia Bar, and State Bar of Georgia.
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