November 1, 2000

Alston & Bird Partners to Chair "Internet & Technology Financing and Investing Summit 2000" Conference

Partners Janine Brown, W. Thomas Carter, Richard Grice and Steve Pottle to Participate in Event

Over the next few years, the number of people on the Internet worldwide is expected to exceed 500 million. The Internet has secured its place in the business world. It has become a more cost efficient, swift, and broad-based way to conduct business at home and abroad. Figures reveal why the Net has become the most appealing way to conduct business. It costs banks only one penny to process a Net-based transaction, compared with $1.27 for a branch. Additionally, the tremendous profitability of E-commerce further highlights why the Internet has exploded as the most lucrative way to conduct business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions. As early as 2003, E-business transactions in the financial services industry are expected to total a staggering 80 billion dollars. Despite the apparent ease and efficiency of using the Internet to conduct business, companies looking to maximize profit opportunities in this space need to address and evaluate an array of financing and corporate structuring options.

Responding to the need for practical solutions to keep pace with the unprecedented growth of the Internet, SRI Private Equity Group is hosting the November 7th-10th Scottsdale, AZ conference, "Internet & Technology Financing and Investing Summit 2000." Alston & Bird will be sponsoring this timely event along with INTEL, VIGNETTE and OFFROAD CAPITAL. Alston & Bird partners Steven L. Pottle, Janine Brown and
W. Thomas Carter will be chairing the conference. Partners Richard W. Grice and
Steven L. Pottle will be participating as speakers.

Some of the key issues to be covered at this conference include:

* Creative Structures in Funding Growth-Climb the Peak a Winner

* Acquire or Be Acquired-Gobble up the Weblets?

* Facing Challenges of Financing in the New Economy

* Market Trends-What to Expect from Investors and the Market

Alston & Bird has built one of the largest Internet and E-Business practices in the nation and the largest in the southeast. The Firm's Internet and E-Business practice includes over 180 attorneys engaged in legislative and regulatory aspects of E-Business, domestic and international licensing and distribution of information software and content, systems integration and outsourcing, new media, privacy, telecommunications, electronic commerce, digital signatures, encryption, intellectual property protection and litigation, capital formation at all stages of growth, IPOs, mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures – all as they apply particularly to technology, electronic commerce, and traditional businesses.

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