In the News January 11, 2008

BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter Quoted Thomas G. Schendt

Thomas G. Schendt was quoted in the December 17, 2007 BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter in an article titled, “Labor Department Issues Proposed Rule On Disclosures of Service Provider Fees.” Schendt commented on the future tracking potential of the proposed Department of Labor rule that would require service providers to disclose fee information, compensation and conflicts of interest to fiduciaries of tax code Section 401(k) and other employee benefit plans. He said, “the reporting mechanism that employers can avail themselves of to report to DOL provides a means by DOL to start tracking the entities that have not provided adequate information. The next step would be for DOL to look at certain entities that are listed more often than not, and perhaps do further investigation of those particular entities and their disclosure process.”
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