In the News March 11, 2008

Nao Matsukata Quoted on

Nao Matsukata was quoted in the March 11 article titled, “European Union Investigates U.S. Trade Violation on Internet Gambling.” The article discusses the E.U.’s announcement that it will open an investigation by into possible violations by the U.S. for discriminatory international trade practices against European online gambling companies. Matsukata commented, “The EU investigation only highlights the reckless manner in which the U.S. has handled its withdrawal of gaming commitments under the GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Services).” He believes that if the U.S. had resolved the GATS dispute from the beginning by changing U.S. law and adopting the Frank bill, this situation would not be possible. Matsukata also commented on the seriousness of the issue, “To move into a formal investigation reflects the E.U.’s belief that this matter is serious enough for them to put at risk the larger transatlantic relationship and other positive developments in the bilateral trade relationship.”

The article was also picked up by AOL Money & Finance, Eye On Gambling Online and The Earth Times Online.

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