In the News April 17, 2013

Marc Scheineson Quoted in The Hill

Marc Scheineson, partner in the firm’s Health Care Group, was quoted in The Hill discussing how the sellers and makers of premium cigars feel that the FDA’s regulatory agenda for the year—which states it would propose rules to expand federal oversight of tobacco products under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act—is “overreaching.”

“…[N]o cigars should be regulated; not just hand-rolled cigars should be exempted from FDA regulation since they are the most expensive and are largely made outside the United States,” Scheineson said.

“Why would you penalize domestic manufacturers by putting them within the regulations and exempt foreign-made products,” he asked.

Scheineson added that he does not oppose the bill, but supports exemption of oversight for all cigars, not just premium brands.

“This whole mode of regulation is paid for by industry user fees, and it’s a set amount of $700 million a year, which is a huge amount…and it’s divided by the categories and manufacturers that FDA regulates…so if cigar manufacturers would be regulated, they would share in that cost and reduce the cost to cigarette manufacturers,” he said.
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