Seminar September 2, 2009

Corporate Governance: Executive Compensation and the Rest of the Changing Landscape

Event Detail
Gary C. Ivey
September 2, 2009
Charlotte, NC
Gary Ivey was the featured speaker at this seminar hosted by the Charlotte Chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel.  In the face of the financial and credit crisis, federal bailout, the general economic downturn and a new administration in Washington, corporate governance is at the forefront for corporate boards and management teams.  What should be the relationship among corporate boards, management and stockholders?  How much say should stockholders have in a company's ongoing operations and, in particular, the setting of management compensation?  What new means of communications and accountability are needed between boards, management and company stockholders?  How, and how quickly, should stockholders be able to act to oust directors and management who are not living up to stockholder expectations?  This program examined these questions now being faced by every public company general counsel and legal department.

September 2, 2009
Byron's South End / Charlotte, NC
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