Seminar December 13, 2011

Gas Drilling Operations Conference

Event Detail
Joshua L. Becker
December 13, 2011
Dallas, Texas
Joshua Becker and Beverlee Silva participated in this conference sponsored by HB Litigation Conferences.  Joshua Becker served as the conference chair and was a featured panelist during the session, ""Hydraulic Fracturing – or Fracking" Litigation."  This session covered the following topics.
    • When & where did the litigation begin?
    • Where has the litigation migrated to?
    • Key decisions & settlements
    • Favorable jurisdictions & why
    • What is happening in Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, and Louisiana
    • Also looking at Pennsylvania, New York, and West Virginia
    • Looking to the future states: California and Colorado
    • Similarities to other litigations and lessons learned

Beverlee Silva was a featured panelist during the session,"Examining a Fracking Contamination Case or Injury."  This presentation addressed the following topics. 

    • What a typical injury or contamination case looks like
    • Legal theories alleged – negligence, nuisance, etc.
    • Strategies for building your case or defense
    • Case structures
    • Deciding when and if there is an opportunity for resolution
    • Potential liability to working interest owners
December 13, 2011
Cityplace Conference and Event Center/Dallas, TX
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Senior Communications Manager
Phone: 212.210.1222
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