Webinar August 24, 2015

Preparing For An Antitrust Trial as an Associate

Event Detail
Jason Rottner
August 24, 2015

Jason Rottner was a featured panelist during this webinar program hosted by the American Bar Association. The panel discussed strategies and tips on preparing for an antitrust trial as an associate. Topics included:

    • Taking depositions with trial in mind
    • Foundation for exhibits
    • Deposition designations; knowing the court’s subpoena powers/limits; exhibits
    • The proof outline: the plan to get in the evidence
    • Exhibit lists; owning the witness outline for fact witnesses
    • Motions in limine and “bench memos”
    • Research and writing at trial
    • Closings
    • Logistics

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August 24, 2015

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Media Contacts
Nicholas Clarke
Senior Communications Manager
Phone: 212.210.1222
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