Seminar April 7, 2017

31st Annual Environmental Law Section Spring Super Symposium

Event Detail
Paul Beard, II
April 7, 2017
L.A. Hotel Downtown
Los Angeles, CA
Paul Beard and Andrea Warren were featured speakers at this seminar hosted by the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s (LACBA) Environmental Law Section.

Paul Beard covered the topic “Rail – The Challenges of Entitling Rail Projects,” discussing the legal and political challenges involved in entitling passenger and commercial rail projects. Topics included federal limits on authority to local agencies to regulation and condition rail projects, including the impact those limits can have on project approval, acquiring property for rail projects through condemnation, and the environmental impacts associated with rail projects.

Andrea Warren covered the topic “Public Transportation,” considering how climate change policies will affect transportation projects and technologies like driverless vehicles going forward. Also discussed was what policies, legal developments, and technological advancements will be most pressing and consider how those developments may impact California’s long-term planning. Panelists will also discuss how the current federal landscape may influence state efforts to regulate air emissions from transportation.

For more information, please visit LACBA’s website.
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Senior Communications Manager
Phone: 212.210.1222
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