In the News August 4, 2006

Jane Thorpe Quoted On the Recent Ruling by the New Jersey Supreme Court in Vioxx Case

Jane Thorpe was quoted in the FDA News Drug Daily Bulletin and the Drug Industry Daily Online in regard recent ruling by the New Jersey Supreme Court in Vioxx case. In an article in the in the FDA News Drug Daily Bulletin Jane commented that “The Superior Court's decision lowered the bar for certifying a national class action suit…. If the state high court overturns the decision, it would make it more difficult for plaintiffs to establish a national class action claim against the company.” She went on to state that “This decision is ‘of critical importance to Merck’ and will be watched closely by the rest of the industry…. Although the decision would only be a precedent in New Jersey, it would provide ‘good authority’ for Merck and other companies to challenge future class action suits.”
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