Pro Bono October 11, 2013

Dallas Bar Association Heralds Alston & Bird Pro Bono Work

A pro bono case litigated by the firm’s Dallas attorney Jon Shepherd —as part of the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program has been featured in the Dallas Bar Association (DBA) newsletter.

As described by the DBA:

Joseph’s home was stolen from him by a fraudulent lender. Under the guise of getting him a home improvement loan to help him make his home wheelchair accessible, a fraudulent lender tricked Joseph into selling his home and unknowingly entering into a lease to rent and live in it. Years went by, and Joseph struggled to pay his pricey “home loan” until he received an eviction notice. Joseph was shocked and confused as to why he would be evicted from a house he owned. Only then, did he uncover what had happened to him.

He sought DVAP’s assistance and volunteer attorneys [from] Alston & Bird immediately accepted Joseph’s case and put their litigation skills to work. Through their efforts in litigating and negotiating with opposing counsel, the volunteer attorneys restored the client’s right to live in his childhood home, payment free, for the rest of his life, as well as the return of rents previously paid and assistance with yearly maintenance costs.

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