In the News June 27, 2014

Marc Scheineson Discusses FDA’s Tobacco Products List Expansion

Marc Scheineson, partner in the firm’s Food Drug & Device Group, was extensively quoted in a Tobacco Journal International article titled “Queue Here for Approval.”

The article examined the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) proposal to expand its list of regulated tobacco products to include cigars, pipe tobacco, hookah, dissolvables and electronic cigarettes, and how industry experts predict that regulation will discourage innovation and stifle smaller companies because of the high cost of complying with onerous new regulation. Scheineson discussed the FDA’s proposal and public comments on the proposed rule.

“FDA says it will close 75 days of public comment on its deeming rule on July 9, but the agency will likely extend that deadline due to demand,” Scheineson said. FDA announced June 20, 2014 that it would extend the deadline for public comments for 30-days until August 8, 2014.

“Reasonably, they will have to grant an extension,” he said.

Scheineson characterized the FDA proposal as “a skeleton of five or six ideas and requests for comments in 53 areas.”

Read Scheineson’s further comments discussing the expansion in Tobacco Journal International

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