Seminar February 28, 2013

Negotiated Corporate Acquisitions

Event Detail
Steven L. Pottle
February 28, 2013
Atlanta, GA
Steve Pottle was a featured speaker during the session "Role Playing - Advising the Board of Directors of a Public Company in Connection with a Possible Sale of the Company" at this seminar sponsored by ICLE Georgia. The following topics were covered during the presentation.

    • Confidentiality/Exclusivity Agreements 
    • Letters of Intent
    • Timing of Disclosure
    • Stock v. Cash Transactions 
    • Change of Control Transactions 
    • Role of Investment Banker
    • Special Committees 
    • Market Checks
    • Protecting the Deal (“Breakup” Fees/“No-Shop” and “No-Talk” Provisions/Match Rights/Stockholder Support Agreements) 
    • Fiduciary-Outs
    • Golden Parachutes
    • Role and Duty of Board of Directors 
    • Recent Developments

February 28, 2012
State Bar of Georgia Headquarters / Atlanta, GA
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Senior Communications Manager
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