Seminar April 10-13, 2016

41st Annual Enrolled Actuaries Meeting

David Godofsky, Tom SchendtFahad Saghir and Ashley Gillihan presented at this conference hosted by The American Academy of Actuaries and the Conference of Consulting Actuaries.

David Godofsky served as a panelist for the following sessions:
Monday, April 11 4-5:30pm
Ethics - In this highly interactive session, panelists and audience members debate solutions to difficult ethical situations faced by actuaries in their day–to–day practice, including conflicts of interest, disagreements among actuaries, and working with difficult clients.

Tuesday, April 12 2-3:30pm
More Ethics - In this highly interactive session, panelists and audience members debate solutions to difficult ethical situations faced by actuaries in their day–to–day practice. The presenters at this session cover different case studies than are covered in Session 303 “Ethics.”

Tom Schent served as a panelist for the following session:
Tuesday, April 12 2-3:30pm
Determination Letters – A New Era - The IRS has announced that the determination letter (DL) program is changing. In the future, the IRS intends to issue a DL only when a plan is started and ended, or in other yet to be determined circumstances. Presenters review the implications for plans and their sponsors in a variety of circumstances, including mergers and acquisitions, IRS plan audits, and even the personal bankruptcy of plan participants.

Fahad Saghir served  as a panelist for the following sessions:
Tuesday, April 12 4-5:30pm
Age Discrimination Issues for Employee Benefit Plans - As workforces age, employers more frequently face
age–related discrimination issues in managing their employee benefit programs. While the Supreme Court
recognizes certain natural correlations between age and other legitimate factors affecting eligibility and
benefits within employer–sponsored plans, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) can still create pitfalls for plan sponsors who don’t carefully consider the implications on these programs. Employers must be mindful of the difference between legitimate age–based criteria and those that run afoul of the law. During this session, our speakers analyze issues related to retirement plans, early retirement incentive programs, severance plans, and health and welfare benefit plans that may cause problems for employers who fail to adequately consider the consequences of the age discrimination laws.

Wednesday, April 13 8-9:15am
Welcome to the New World of Section 4010 Reporting - The PBGC feels like the agency is missing several
hundred underfunded defined benefit plans that they would like to review. Is your plan one of them? The PBGC issued proposed amendments to the regulations under ERISA section 4010, which requires defined benefit plan sponsors to report financial and actuarial information to the PBGC in certain circumstances. The panelists cover when is a filing required, what waivers apply, and how would the proposed regulations change that. They also review the basics of 4010 filings: What information must be filed? How do you calculate the liabilities? How does electronic filing work?

Ashley Gillihan served as a panelist for the following session:
Wednesday, April 13 9:45-11am
ACA Update for Pension Actuaries - The panelists discuss new developments and key decision points and issues for employers under the Affordable Care Act. Topics discussed may include the latest guidance, effects on benefit costs and delivery mechanisms, trends in employer responses, differences in the effects on small vs. large employers, and exchange implementation issues. The presenters also discuss effects on valuations of retiree medical plans.

April 10 - 13, 2016
Marriott Wardman Park Hotel / Washington DC

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