Senior Executive Staff

Allaman, Jeffrey R.
Jeffrey R. Allaman
Director of Information Technology
Phone: 404.881.7019
Benton, Cathy A.
Cathy A. Benton
Chief Human Resources Officer
Phone: 404.881.7202
Caldwell, Dabney
Dabney G. Caldwell
Director of Accounting & Tax
Phone: 404.881.7524
Carlton, Deborah W.
Deborah W. Carlton
Office Administrator - Dallas
Phone: 214.922.3402
Germain, Elizabeth A.
Elizabeth A. Germain
Regional Director of Administration, New York and Washington D.C.
Phone: 202.239.3327
Gwen Hall
Gwen Hall
Director of Client Billing
Phone: 404.881.7520
Hartnett, John J.
John J. Hartnett
Director of Administration - Charlotte
Phone: 704.444.1286
Herndon, Linda S.
Linda S. Herndon
Director of Conference Services
Phone: 404.881.7705
Hons, Kelly C.
Kelly C. Hons
Director of Administration - Los Angeles
Phone: 213.576.1120
Leeson, Emily S.
Emily S. Leeson
Director of Attorney Professional Development
Phone: 404.881.7014
Lewis, Alicia M.
Alicia M. Lewis
Office Administrator - Silicon Valley
Phone: 650.838.2023
Mariana Loose
Mariana Loose
Chief Marketing Officer
Phone: 212.210.9561
Lucas, Ted
Ted Lucas
Director of Financial Planning and Analysis
Phone: 404.881.7535
Lynch, Allison H.
Allison H. Lynch
Director of Paralegal Services
Phone: 404.881.7208
Marburger, Robert
Robert Marburger
Chief Information Officer
Phone: 404.881.7008
Miller, Rodney D.
Rodney D. Miller
Director of Business Information Governance
Phone: 404.881.7006
Naja, Cheryl
Cheryl Naja
Director of Pro Bono and Community Service
Phone: 404.881.7106
Tripp O'Connor
Tripp O’Connor
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 404.881.7519
Seymour, Bil W.
Bil W. Seymour
Director of Benefits and Payroll
Phone: 404.881.7209
Springer, Erin L.
Erin L. Springer
Director of Attorney Hiring
Phone: 404.881.4464
Stephens, Michael G.
Michael G. Stephens
Director of Human Resources & Diversity
Phone: 404.881.7205
Walsh, Gabriel
Director of Legal Technology & Consulting Services
Phone: 202.239.3022
Wilson, Steven E.
Steven E. Wilson
Director of Administrative Services
Phone: 404.881.7701
Woods, Claudine
Claudine Woods
Office Administrator - Raleigh
Phone: 919.862.2204
Yang, Jennifer
Director of Practice Innovation
Phone: 404.881.7035
Zeigler, Tiffany
Tiffany Zeigler
Marketing Director, Business Development
Phone: 404.881.4572

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